This plugin was originally developed By ShortNinja. After ShortNinja's passing Qball took over the support and further development.
I created this version as an attempt to add new features to StaffPlus and revitalize it. The first difference from StaffPlus is that I dropped support for all MC versions before 1.12, this will hopefully allow me to add new features to the newer version easily and help in bug fixing more targeted. If you are using older version of Minecraft please refer to QBall's repository
I changed some of the core features:
    Support for MySQL/SQLITE Database integration
    BungeeCord integration for Staff Chat
    New and improved reporting system
    New and improved warning and punishment system
    Discord integration for reports/warnings/mutes/kicks...
    Investigation functionality
    Added a Web platform
Overall I am trying to fix a lot of the existing bugs and am cleaning up the code. Hopefully this plugin can be a good successor to ShortNinja's original plugin.
Last modified 1mo ago
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