Staff++ overrides the default ban command with its own ban command. Next to the permanent ban command it also adds the tempban command. With every ban a reason must be given why this player is getting banned.


# Whether or not the plugin will use Staff++ "/ban" features.
enabled: true


Restricting tempban duration
# GROUP: staff.bans
# ban permissions
ban: "staff.bans.ban"
tempban: "staff.bans.tempban"
extendban: "staff.bans.extendban"
reduceban: "staff.bans.reduceban"
ban-silent: "staff.bans.ban-silent"
ban-view: "staff.bans.ban-view"
ban-template-overwrite: "staff.bans.ban-template-overwrite"
unban: "staff.bans.unban"
ban-bypass: "staff.bans.ban-bypass"
ban-notifications: "staff.bans.ban-notifications"
The tempban command can also be configured to restrict the duration a staff member can use for a ban. Give the staff member and extra permission with a duration limit as suffix. Example: staff.bans.tempban.limit.2w , with this permission a staff member can only issue a ban for a maximum duration of 2 weeks.
A staff member must have both permissions to use the command. So for a 2 week duration limit the permissions needed are:
  • staff.bans.tempban
  • staff.bans.tempban.limit.2w
Possible time values:
  • s = second
  • m = minute
  • h = hour
  • d = day
  • w = week
  • M = month
  • y = year
Time values cannot be combined. For example this is invalid: ".1m30s" instead type ".90s"


/ban [player] [reason]
Permanently ban a player
/tempban [player] [amount] [unit] [reason]
Temporary ban a player the given duration
/ban-extend [player] [amount] [unit]
Extend the ban duration of a temporarily banned player
/ban-reduce [player] [amount] [unit]
Reduce the ban duration of a temporarily banned player
/unban [player] [reason]
Unban a player from the server
Opens the bans overview GUI


The discord integration plugin supports notifying to a discord channel whenever a player gets banned/unbanned.


Permanent banning

/ban [player] [reason]
/ban playername He was bothering me

Temporary banning

/tempban [player] [amount] [unit] [reason]
/tempban playername 15 MINUTE He was bothering me
The duration of the tempban is specified by [amount] [unit]
Amount must be a positive number > 0 and unit must be one of the following:
  • HOUR
  • DAY
  • WEEK
  • YEAR

Extending/reducing ban duration

A ban duration can be extended or reduced by the following commands:
/ban-reduce [player] [amount] [unit] /ban-extend [player] [amount] [unit] This command can also be limited in duration the same way a tempban is limited. Giving the player the following 2 permissions will limit the extension duration for example:
  • staff.bans.extendban
  • staff.bans.extendban.limit.2w
When extending a ban, the staff member cannot extend the ban further than his tempban limit will allow. This is to prevent a staff member spamming an extend command. This means that if a player is banned for 2 months. His ban cannot be extended by a staff member whose tempban limit is 3 weeks for example.


/unban [player] [reason]
/unban playername We are friends now

Silent banning

The -silent can be used to ban/tempban/unban players without sending out a notification to anyone.
/ban playername -silent He was bothering me

Showing ban reason on ban/rejoin

If you want banned players can see the reason why they are banned you can edit the kick message in the lang files:
ban-tempbanned-kick: "[Banned] You have been temporarily banned from this server. Ban ends in: %duration%"
ban-permabanned-kick: "[Banned] You have been permanently banned from this server"


Inside the message the following placeholders can be used
The banned player's username
The staff members username
The ban reason
Human readable duration. Only available with tempbans

Another plugin is overriding the /ban, /tempban, /unban

It is possible that another plugin like 'essentialsx' might get priority over the ban, tempban and unban command. To prevent this we suggest the same solution as is proposed by EssentialsX.
Configure your server aliases in such a way that the ban commands from Staff++ will always be used. This can be done by editing the commands.yml file and specifying your aliases there.
To enable Staff++ ban commands this would be done in this way:
- "staffplus:ban $1-"
- "staffplus:tempban $1-"
- "staffplus:unban $1-"
More info on the bukkit wiki


Banned players can be listed and unbanned through the gui hub.
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