/freeze <player>

Toggle freezing a player


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    # Enable this module
    enabled: true
      enabled: false
    # Whether or not a player can chat while frozen.
    chat: true
    # Whether or not a player is able to damage or be damaged while frozen.
    damage: false
    # The interval, in seconds, at which a frozen player will be reminded that they are frozen.
    # Disable by setting to zero.
    timer: 5
    # The sound that is played to the player when warned.
    # Set to "NONE" to disable.
    sound: ORB_PICKUP
    # Whether or not a GUI prompt will open up with a paper containing the freeze message.
    prompt: false
    # The title of the frozen prompt GUI.
    prompt-title: "&bFrozen"
    # A comma separated list of commands that should be 
    # executed when a players disconnected while he is frozen
    logout-commands: "ban %player%"
    # Determines if a player will see a title on his screen when frozen
    # The title message can be changed through the lang files (freeze-title, freeze-subtitle properties)
    title-message-enabled: true
    # Commands that are allowed when a player is frozen
    # By default a player can not execute any command while frozen
      - login
      - tpa
    # command hooks for freeze/unfreeze
    freeze-commands: []
    unfreeze-commands: []

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