Quick start


Download the latest version from the Spigot page. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/staff.83562/history You should download the version corresponding to your MC version.

Place the jar file inside the plugins folder of your server and start your server. This will create the necessary files in the plugins/StaffPlusPlus folder.

Basic configuration

Open the config.yml file located in the plugins/StaffPlusPlus folder. If you mess up the config file you can always take a look at the default file.


Search for the property: main-world inside the configuration file. This should be the name of the main world. Meaning the world folder name which contains the player data files. By default in Minecraft this is just the "world" folder. So if you have a regular setup just leave the default setting. If for some reason your world location folder has a different name, you can change it here.


Search for the property: server-name inside the configuration file. The server name should be unique for this server. If you have a multi-server setup every server running Staff++ must configure this with a different name. If you are running a minecraft server network make sure to give this property the same name as the server name used by the network.

I recommend keeping the server-name property alphanumeric. Underscore, dashes and spaces can be used.


The config file contains the command and permission configuration. It also contains the different modules configuration. Different functionalities of Staff++ are configured as separate modules which can be enabled or disabled.

Database configuration

We support 2 types of database sqlite and mysql. By default sqlite is configured. If you want to use a mysql database, change this part of the configuration file:

  type: 'mysql'
  migrations-table-name: 'migrations'
    host: 'localhost'
    user: 'root'
    database: 'root'
    password: 'mypass'
    port: 3306

Adding players as Staff Members

There is not one command to add players as Staff members. Everything in Staff++ is permission based, if you have the correct permissions you can access the Staff++ commands. If you are OP you can access all commands by default.

All permissions are listed here. This means you need some permission plugin to enable staff mode for your staff members. A commonly used permissions plugins is Luckperms.

Once you have installed the permission plugin you can assign your player the correct permissions. All permissions in Staff++ start with a staff. prefix. Luckperms supports wildcards so you could give your player the permission staff.* and it will enable all Staff++ permissions for that player.

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