Staff++ implemented a new reporting system. The new system is a bit different from the old Staff+ reporting system. We now support reporting online and offline players. Reporting events can be send to discord using the Staff++ Discord Integration plugin. Below I will explain how to set up and use the reporting system.


The configuration is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure you have this section inside your configuration file and enable the reporting module by setting enabled to true

      enabled: false
      open-on: IN_PROGRESS
      close-on: REJECTED;RESOLVED

  # Whether or not the plugin will use "/report" features.
  enabled: true

  # The sound that is played to staff when someone is reported.
  # Set to "NONE" to disable.
  sound: ORB_PICKUP

  # The cooldown, in seconds, for using "/report".
  # This is disabled for players with the "" permission.
  cooldown: 10

  # Whether or not the player that reported another player will be visible in GUIs.
  show-reporter: true

  # Whether or not a staff member must provide a reason when resolving/rejecting a report
  closing-reason-enabled: true

  # Types of reports. When configured the reporter will see a UI where he must choose the type
  report-types: []
  fixed-reason: false
  fixed-reason-culprit: false
  reasons: []

      # The reporter will be notified the moment he comes online that he has reports OPEN or IN_PROGRESS
      notify-on-join: true
      # Enable status change notifications. Whenever a staff member changes the status to one of the specified statuses, the reporter will be notified (if he is online).
      # Statuses must be semi-colon separated
      status-change-notifications: IN_PROGRESS;RESOLVED;REJECTED
  # command hooks
  accept-commands: []
  reject-commands: []
  reopen-commands: []
  resolve-commands: []

Report commands


  • /reportplayer [playerName] [message] Report a specific player.

  • /report [message] Report something but don't link a specific player to it.

  • /my-reports Open the GUI to show the reports you created.

staff members

  • /reports Used to manage reports. You can list or clear all the reports of a player

  • /manage-reports Open the manage reports GUI.

  • /find-reports Search reports by different criteria

Report permissions

Player permissions

Following permissions are used to allow players creating reports

  • Permission to create a report

  • staff.reports.view-my-reports Permission to open the my-reports GUI

  • staff.reports.bypass Permission to bypass getting reported

Staff permissions

  • staff.reports.manage.view Permission to view all reports. If a staff member does not have this perm, he won't be able to manage reports

  • staff.reports.manage.delete Permission to permanently delete reports

  • staff.reports.manage.accept Permission to accept reports

  • staff.reports.manage.resolve Permission to resolve reports

  • staff.reports.manage.close Permission to close reports

  • staff.reports.manage.reject Permission to reject reports

  • staff.reports.manage.teleport Permission to teleport to a report creation location

  • staff.reports.manage.reopen-other Permission to un-assign other staff members from their reports

  • Permission for receiving notifications when a report is accepted/deleted/closed

Report lifecycle


When a report first gets created it get the status OPEN, open reports can be picked up by any staff member with the correct permission.


After a staff member picks up a report it gets placed into the status IN_PROGRESS. When one member of staff picks up a report no other member can handle this report. The staff member who picks up the report gets assigned to the report. He can un-assign himself from the report through the GUI. If he un-assigns himself someone else can pick up the report again. Staff members with the staff.reports.manage.reopen-other can also un-assign other staff members from their reports.


A staff member can manage reports assigned to him. If he deems the report to be completely handled he can resolve the report. When a report is resolved, other staff members can view it in the closed reports GUI.


A staff member can manage reports assigned to him. If he deems the report to be incorrect, or spam, or just not enough information he can reject the report. When a report is rejected, other staff members can view it in the closed reports GUI.


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