All commands can be custom configured inside the configuration/commands.yml file
To disable a command completely edit the commands.yml and provide an empty '' value for that command.


Available Arguments
Example usages
Subscribe/Unsubscribe yourself to be notified when certain events happen in Staff++. Currently following events are supported: XRAY, MENTION, NAME_CHANGE
/alerts player1 NAME_CHANGE
/altwhitelist [add\|remove] [playername1] [playername2]
Add remove players from the alt account detection whitelist
/altwhitelist add player1 player2 /altwhitelist remove player1 player2
/altwhitelist [list] [page?]
List all whitelisted items from alt account detection whitelist.
/altwhitelist list /altwhitelist list 3
Commands listed here
/broadcast [server] [message]
Send a message to all players on all servers. Display's the message using a "broadcast" prefix.
/broadcast ALL This is my message
Manage in game chat. Disable/Enable chat completely. Clear the chat history. Enable slow chat
/chat clear /chat toggle /chat slow
/clear [player]
Clear the given player's inventory
-T -H -D
/clear player1
Run a clicks per second test on a player
/cps player1
Opens the examine GUI. The GUI can be used to check a players IP address, check his game mode, etc.
/examine player1
/follow [player]
Start following a player. This will attach you to the player and follow him where he goes
/follow player1
/freeze [player]
Freezes/unfreezes a player. Either you specify enabled/disabled or you just freeze and freeze mode will be toggled
-T -S -H -D
/freeze player1 /freeze enabled player1 /freeze player1 -Tspawn -S
/infractions [player]
Show the history of all the infractions a players has
/infractions player1
commands listed here
Lists online staff members
commands listed here
/protectarea [create\|delete] [size?] [name]
Create or deletes a protected area. More info on the protection documentation page
/protectarea create 30 My new protected area /protectarea delete My new protected area
/protectplayer [playername]
Toggles damage protection on/off for the player
/protectplayer player1
Commands listed here
/kick [player] [reason]
Kick a player and provide a reason for kicking
/kick player1 Annoying
/mute [player] [reason]
Mute a player permanently
/mute player1 My reason for muting here
Open a GUI showing your mute history
/tempmute [player] [amount] [unit] [reason]
Temporarily mute a player.
/tempmute player1 1 HOUR No spamming
/unmute [player] [reason]
Unmute a player
/unmute player1 Reason for unmuting here
/revive [player]
Revive let's you restore a player's inventory after a players has died.
-T -S -H
/revive player1
/sc [message?]
Enables/disables staffchat. All messages send in staff chat mode will only be readable by other staff members
Mutes/unmutes staffchat
Turns on/off Staff mode for the current user. Only available if the user has the correct permissions.
Toggles on/off fly when in staff mode
/strip [player]
Takes off the player's armor and places it in his inventory. If there are no free spaces left in the player's inventory the armor is not taken off.
/strip player1
/teleportHere [player]
Teleports a player to your location
-S -H
/teleportHere player1
/teleportToLocation [player] [location]
Teleports a player to a given location. Location should be configured inside the configuration file
-D -S -H
/teleport player1 spawn
/teleportToPlayer [player]
Teleport yourself to the given player's location
/teleportToPlayer player1
/teleportBack [player]
Teleport the given player back to his original location. This only works if that players has been teleported before.
-S -H
/teleportBack player1
Toggle vanish on/off
All warning commands listed here


Every command in staff++ can have a cooldown. This is purely permission bases. If you want to enforce a cooldown, the player needs the cooldown permission. The permissions is the following: staff.<command>.cooldown.<time> So for example if I want to enforce a cooldown on the report command I assign the following permission to the players: This enforces a 30 second cooldown.
Cooldowns are not enforced across servers in a multi server setup. Restarting the server resets all cooldowns.


Staff++ supports an argument system which can be used to enhance the default commands. We list below the arguments we currently support. In the commands table you can see which commands can use which arguments

-T Teleport

Teleport let's us enhance a command by teleporting the target to a predefined location. You can setup locations in the configuration file. See Locations
Example: /freeze player1 -Tspawn
Description: Teleports player1 to the predefined location "spawn" and immediately freezes him.

-S Strip

-S does the same as the strip command: Takes off the player's armor and places it in his inventory. If there are no free spaces left in the player's inventory the armor is not taken off.
Example: /freeze player1 -S
Description: Freezes the player and strips his armor.

-H Health

Sets the player's health to the given percentage.
Example: /freeze player1 -H100
Description: Freezes the player and gives the player full health.

-D Delay a command

When provided with a base command. The command will be delayed until the player joins the server. This is useful when we want to for example clear the inventory of a player, but he's offline. With the -D argument we can still run the 'clear' command. It will not be executed immediately, but it will be executed the next time the player joins the server.
Example: /clear player1 -D
Description: Clear the players inventory the next time he joins the server
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