Examine players

The examine command allows Staff members to open a GUI containing the specified player's information.


The current configuration section is part of the staff-mode section. This will probably change in the future as the examine mode can also be accessed through commands and thus is not mode specific. Now the configuration of the examine mode and staff-mode GUI kind of overlap

  # When clicked, this will open the inventory of the player that the staff is looking at.
    enabled: true
    slot: 8
    item: CHEST

    # The name of the compass item.
    name: "&bExamine"

    # The lore of the compass item.
    # Lines are separated by commas.
    lore: "&7Inspects the inventory of the player that was clicked."

    # The title of the examine GUI.
    title: "&bExamine inventory"

    # The configuration of the final line of the examine GUI.
    # Set the slot of a node to zero to disable it.
    # Remember that the maximum amount of allowed items within this line is nine!
      # Food and hunger information.
      food: 1

      # IP address information.
      ip-address: 2

      # Ping information.
      # Currently not working
      ping: 3

      # Gamemode and flight information.
      gamemode: 4

      # Infractions information.
      infractions: 5

      # Location information and teleport button.
      location: 6

      # Player "notes" button.
      notes: 7

      # Freeze button
      freeze: 8

      # Warn button.
      warn: 9


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