Fixed Ban Reason

You can configure custom ban reasons. This will enforce the staff members to use your reasons.

The entire reasons section is optional and not present in the default config


  enabled: true
  permban-template: default
  tempban-template: default
    - name: GRIEFING
      reason: No griefing allowed on this server
    - name: BULLYING
      reason: bullying will not be tolerated
      template: bullying
    - name: CURSING
      reason: Consistent cursing. Temporarily banned.
      template: cursing
      ban-type: TEMP_BAN

In the above config we have defined 3 ban reasons. GRIEFING, BULLYING and CURSING. Every reason configuration must have at least a name and a reason . Optionally you can also define a template . When you define a template you overwrite any other configured template. However staff members can still provide a template in their command.

By default ban reasons are applicable to both permanent and temporary ban. You can however define another optional configuration optionban-type . The ban type can be configured with TEMP_BAN or PERM_BAN. When the type is configured, this ban reason will only apply for these types of bans. If no ban reasons are configured, the staff members can provide a custom reason. As soon as at least one ban reason is configured they are obligated to use ban reasons and can no longer fill in a custom message

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