This page explains how you can setup the warnings appealing system. The system allows players to appeal when a warning has been issued towards them. Should they find the warning unjustified they can appeal and a staff member can approve or reject the appeal. If the appeal is approved the warning is rolled back.



Underneath the warnings-module make sure to configure the appeals section.

      #enable the ability to appeal a warning
      enabled: true
      # When enabled staff members must enter a reason of approval/rejection
      # of the appeal
      resolve-reason-enabled: false
      # When enabled the player will have to choose an appeal reason from the 
      # list defined in the reasons property
      # When disabled the player will get to fill in a reason himself.
      fixed-reason: true
          - 'MOD abuse'
          - 'I did not do it'


Following permission must be set or the appeals functionality can not be used:

Appeal specific permissions

Add an appeal

Select Appeal reason

Appeal opened

Staff: Manage appeal

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