Text parsing

In staff++ there are messages file which contain most of the text used within staff++.

New lines can be achieved using 2 ways

ban-permabanned-kick: "[Banned] You have been permanently banned\nfrom this server"

ban-permabanned-kick: |
[Banned] You have been permanently banned
from this server

Tooltips are supported in the newest version of staff++. These can be configured by using the notation:

[tooltip|&6%player%''s|&6%player%\n&7This guy] armor has been removed!

Basic colors are supported using "&"

In versions >= 1.16 hex colors are supported using hex notation
#FF0044This is in some color. #EE8833This is another color.

In versions >= 1.16 gradient colors are supported using:
<#00d8e6>This is gradient</#8ae0e6>
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