Chest/Inventory Interaction

In Staff++ a staff member can interact with other player's EnderChest or inventory. On this page we explain the different types of interaction and how to enable them.

Silent Chest Interaction

When in Staff mode, the player can open chest/dispenser/hoppers,.... by right clicking on them. This is called "silent chest opening". When a player opens this he may or may not be able to interact with the item in the container depending on his permissions.

If you want to enable interacting with chests when opening them in "silent" mode enable the following property in the config. If this is disabled no staff members can interact in silent mode.

    silent-chest-interaction: true


Only staff members with the permission staff.mode.silent-chest-interaction can interact with containers in silent mode.

Enderchest Interaction

Staff++ has a command called /eview <playername> . This command has been there since the old Staff+. However it was never able to interact with another player's enderchest. In Staff++ we added the ability to open and interact with enderchests of online and offline players.


Make sure to enable the module.

    enabled: true




Permission to view the enderchest of online players


Permission to view the enderchest of offline player


Permission to interact with enderchests of other players

Inventory Interaction

Staff members can access another player's inventory using the /examine command. You can view and interact with the inventory of online and offline players.

When opening the examine GUI you will see a chest is available:

Clicking on this chest opens the interaction screen

The blue outlined items are the hotbar items of the player's inventory. The red outlined items are the armor contents of the player. The examined player's inventory looks like this:


View the permissions page

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