Player notes

Staff++ reworked how the player notes work to be more consistent with the staff++ other features. Notes are now stored in the database and can be synced across multiple servers. Staff++ also added the ability to create private notes.




/notes [playername?] [filters?] [-l?]

Retrieve all notes of a player, either in a GUI or in chat.

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/note [playername] [note] [-private?]

Create a note for a player

/pnote [playername] [note]

Create a private not for a player (this can also be conceived with the /note command using the -private option). This command is just for convenience.


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Searching player notes

You can use the /notes command to search for notes. Staff++ provides you several filters which you can use with the notes command:




search by a note's ID


Search only private or only public notes


Search notes specifically linked to a player (you can also just provide the playername as first parameter instead of using this option)


Search all notes created by the given player

-note=[note text]

Search all notes that contain the given text. If you want to use spaces in you need to surround it with double quotes


Find all private notes for player "garagepoort" containing the words "is hacking"

/notes garagepoort -private=true -note="is hacking"

Or in chat with the list "-l" option

/notes garagepoort -private=true -note="is hacking" -l

Note that private notes are marked with [P] in chat.

Private notes

Staff members can create private notes if they have the correct permission. A private note can only be seen by the player who has created it. A private note can be create with the /note command using the -private option. Or by using the /pnote command.

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