Staff Locations

Staff locations are stored locations by staff members. These locations are shared among staff members and players with access can teleport to them.


    enabled: true
    # if configured, players can choose a location from the predefined icons.
    # If left empty they will have the choice of any icon.
    icons: []

Icon configuration


  enabled: true
    - text: Unclaimed base (Requesting admin claim)
      icon: GOLDEN_SHOVEL
    - text: AFK evader
      icon: WATER_BUCKET
    - text: Autofishing farm
      icon: FISHING_ROD
    - text: Inappropriate build
      icon: BARRIER
    - text: Flymachine
      icon: SLIME_BLOCK
    - text: Lagmachine
      icon: REPEATER
    - text: Traps
      icon: IRON_TRAPDOOR
    - text: Griefed area
      icon: TNT
    - text: Griefed animals or other mobs
      icon: LEAD
    - text: Disturbingly named animals or other mobs
      icon: NAME_TAG
    - text: Disturbing signs
      icon: OAK_SIGN
    - text: Suspicious location (like storage of players suspected of raiding)
      icon: SPYGLASS
    - text: Trouble area, players often getting at eachother
      icon: DIAMOND_SWORD




Open locations GUI

/stafflocations /stafflocations -id=2 /stafflocations -name="My name here" /stafflocations -creator=garagepoort


Create a new staff location

/create-stafflocation new location name


Staff locations

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