Staff Modules

When entering staff mode the player's hot bar gets replaced with "Staff Items" these are special items which execute actions when used. Every item is listed as a staff mode module inside the configuration/staffmode/modules.ymlfile. You can disable them there and they will never be included inside the staff mode GUI.

Compass module

The name of this module is a bit strange as it is named after the item rather then the action it performs. When this module item is clicked, it launches the staff towards the direction they are facing. It's an easy way to move very fast across the world.


enabled: true
name: "&4Launcher"
lore: "&7Launches you towards the, &7location you are facing."
# The velocity at which a player will be launched.
velocity: 5

Random Teleport module

This module teleports you to a player on the server. Either randomly or round robin. Could be used for when staff are patrolling.
enabled: true
name: "&cRandom Teleport"
lore: "&7Teleports you to a random player."
# Whether or not actual pseudo-randomness will be used.
# If set to false, "random" teleport will just cycle through players in order.
random: false

Vanish module

Allows players to turn vanish mode on/off using the item. Underneath this does exactly the same as the vanish command.
enabled: true
item: INK:10
name: "&6Vanish"
lore: "&7Toggles your total vanish."
# The type of item for when vanish is disabled.
item-off: INK:8

GUI module

The GUI item opens the Staff++ GUI. It contains a GUI which allows you to manage reports, view bans mutes. Mostly you won't want to touch this unless if you want to change some of the translations or want to remove items from the GUI
enabled: true
item: PAPER
name: "&eGUI Hub"
lore: "&7Opens the GUI hub."
# Reports GUI
reports-gui: true
reports-title: "&bUnresolved reports"
my-reports-title: "&bReports assigned to you"
closed-reports-title: "&bClosed reports"
reports-name: "&bUnresolved reports GUI"
reports-lore: "&7Shows all open reports."
my-reports-lore: "&7Shows reports currently assigned to you."
closed-reports-lore: "&7History of all closed reports."
# Miner GUI. Show players below a certain y level
miner-gui: true
miner-title: "&bUnderground users"
miner-name: "&bMiner GUI"
miner-lore: "&7Shows all players under the set Y value."
# The y-level at which a player will be marked as a miner.
xray-level: 16
# Protected Areas GUI
protected-areas-gui: true
protected-areas-title: "&bOverview protected areas"
protected-areas-name: "&bProtected Areas GUI"
protected-areas-lore: "&7Shows all currently set protected areas."
# Banned players GUI
ban-gui: true
ban-title: "&bOverview banned players"
ban-name: "&bBanned players GUI"
ban-lore: "&7Shows all currently banned players."
# Muted players GUI
mute-gui: true
mute-title: "&bOverview muted players"
mute-name: "&bMuted players GUI"
mute-lore: "&7Shows all currently muted players."

Counter module

The name of this module is again a bit strange as it does not represent the action it holds. When clicking on the item it opens a GUI showing all Staff members currently online.
enabled: true
item: HEAD
name: "&aStaff List"
lore: "&7Shows all staff online and in staff mode"
title: "&bCurrent staff online"
# Whether or not the head item count will represent online staff or staff in staff mode.
show-staff-mode: false

Freeze module

When clicking on a player with this item he will get frozen, clicking him again will unfreeze him.
enabled: true
name: "&2Freeze"
lore: "&7Toggles freeze for the clicked player."

CPS module

When clicking a player with this item, Staff++ will start recording how many clicks per second that player is executing. Useful for finding players who are using an autoclicker.
enabled: true
item: CLOCK
name: "&3CPS"
lore: "&7Runs a click per second test on, &7the player that was clicked."
# Amount of time, in seconds, that the test will run for.
time: 10
# The maximum allowed amount of CPS. If a result contains this amount or more, it will be significantly marked.
max: 16.0

Examine module

When clicked on a player with this item, the examine GUI will open. This GUI contains the player's info like IP, game mode, notes and so on.
You can configure what exactly is displayed inside the GUI. To disable a certain info-line, give it the value 0
NOTE: ping is not working
enabled: true
item: CHEST
name: "&bExamine"
lore: "&7Inspects the inventory of the player that was clicked."
# The title of the examine GUI.
title: "&bExamine inventory"
# The configuration of the final line of the examine GUI.
# Set the slot of a node to zero to disable it.
# Remember that the maximum amount of allowed items within this line is nine!
# Food and hunger information.
food: 1
# IP address information.
ip-address: 2
# Ping information.
ping: 3
# Gamemode and flight information.
gamemode: 4
# Infractions information.
infractions: 5
# Location information and teleport button.
location: 6
# Player "notes" button.
notes: 7
# Freeze button
freeze: 8
# Warn button.
warn: 9

Follow module

When clicking on a player you will mount the player. Effectively being tied to him.
enabled: true
item: LEAD
name: "&9Follow"
lore: "&7Mounts the player that was clicked."

Player details module

When clicking on a player this will open the player details GUI
enabled: true
item: STICK
name: "&9Details stick"
lore: "&7Show all player details."