Staff Chat
This functionality requires the DiscordSRV plugin
You can use the discord integration plugin to setup a staff-chat channel and synchronize messages between in-game and discord chat. To do so you must have the DiscordSRV bot configured as described here: Once this is setup you can start setting up Staff++ Discord.

Go into Discord and create a new channel. The channel name can be whatever you want.
Go ahead an grab the channel id by right clicking on the channel name and selecting copy id:

Open the config.yml file of the DiscordSRV plugin. Add your channel id to the channels array. The identifier inside the array must be "staffplusplus-<channelname>" . By default staff++ only has one staffchat channel, name "staffchat". So in this case I will configure "staffplusplus-staffchat". If you have for example another channel configured in staff++ called "adminchat", you can add another channel in the discordsrv config called "staffplusplus-adminchat".
Channels: { "global": "000000000000000000", "staffplusplus-staffchat": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}

In DiscordSRV you can have custom formatting for every channel differently. To have custom formatting inside DiscordSRV open up the language file inside the messages folder of DiscordSRV
MinecraftChatToDiscordMessageFormat: "**%primarygroup%** %displayname% » %message%"
MinecraftChatToDiscordMessageFormatNoPrimaryGroup: "%displayname% » %message%"
MinecraftChatToDiscordMessageFormat_staffplusplus-staffchat: "**(STAFFCHAT)** %displayname% » %message%"
MinecraftChatToDiscordMessageFormatNoPrimaryGroup_staffplusplus-staffchat: "**(STAFFCHAT)** %displayname% » %message%"
You can set a format for your specific channel by adding MinecraftChatToDiscordMessageFormat_staffplusplus-staffchat

Open the config.yml of the Staff++ plugin. And enable staffchat sync.
sync: true
That's it! Restart your server and you will be see that message in game get displayed inside your discord channel and vice versa.

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