Chat channels

Staff++ has the possibility to open chat channels when a player gets frozen


      enabled: true

With the above configured, when a player gets frozen a channel will be automatically opened. If the player gets unfrozen, the channel is closed. When the channel is opened, the player frozen and the staff member who has frozen automatically are added to the channel.


    join: "staff.chatchannels.join.freeze"
    leave: "staff.chatchannels.leave.freeze"
    open: ""
    close: "staff.chatchannels.close.freeze"



/fc <channelid> <message>

Send a message to a freeze channel

/fc <message>

If you are frozen you can use the /fc command without the freezechannel id

/join-channel <channelId>

Join this chatchannel. You will see the messages send on this channel and will be able to send message to this channel

/leave-channel <channelId>

Leave the chat channel

/close-channel <channelId>

The chat channel will be closed. This forces all players to leave the channel and the channel gets deleted

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