Staff Chat


# Requires "permissions.staff-chat" permission.
# Whether or not the plugin will use "/sc" features.
enabled: true
# Whether or not the plugin synchronises staff chat across the bungee network
bungee: true
- name: staffchat
# What command will be used to send message to this channel
command: sc
permission: staff.staffchat
prefix: '&dStaffChat &8»'
message-format: '&b%player% &8» &7%message%'
# The string that can be used at the beginning of a message to make it appear in staff chat.
# If you have "@" as your string, typing "@hey guys" would send "hey guys" to staff chat.
# Leave blank to disable.
handle: '@'
- name: adminchat
command: ac
permission: staff.staffchat
prefix: '&dAdminChat &8»'
message-format: '&b%player% &8» &7%message%'
handle: $


You now have the flexibility to define multiple staff chat channels, with each channel having its own configurable command. Furthermore, you can specify the required permissions for accessing each channel.

Mute Functionality

When setting up a staff channel, an additional command for muting that channel is automatically created. For instance, if you configure a command sc for a channel, a corresponding sc-mute command is also generated. To gain access to the mute command, users must possess the necessary permissions for the channel, denoted by .mute appended to the configured permission. In the example mentioned, this permission would be staff.staffchat.mute.

Sound control

While configuring a staff channel, another command is introduced to manage notification sounds, allowing users to enable or disable them for the specific channel. Just like the mute command, to access the sound command, users must have the appropriate permissions for the channel, marked by .sound added to the configured permission. In the example given, this permission would be staff.staffchat.sound.

Discord Integration

For seamless communication, staff chat can be seamlessly integrated with a Discord channel through the use of the discord integration plugin. This integration enables bidirectional communication between your staff chat and a preconfigured Discord channel.