Staff+ migration guide


  • Download your staffplusplus version from Spigot:

  • Replace the Old Staff+.jar with the new Staff++ jar.

  • A new directory StaffPlusPlus will be created.

  • In the config file change storage type from flatfile to sqlite or mysql:

  #Type is how it will store either a sqlite or mysql
  type: 'sqlite'

Staff++ dropped support for flatfile storage. We now support MySql or Sqlite. We do not yet support a migration from flatfile to the SQL database. This means you will lose your previous reports/warning should you have them. This is a one time loss and everything from this point out will always be gracefully migrated.

  • All other properties should be migrated automatically if you are using the latest version of Staff++.

  • Start up the server and see if everything runs.

Should you still encounter errors, compare your config with the default configuration file.

Head over to the Quick Start guide to setup Staff++

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