Following messages are available for the reporting system in the lang files:
# The prefix for all messages related to reports.
prefix: "&dReports &8»" "&bReported &7%culprit% &bfor &7%reason%&b." "&bReported &7%culprit% &bfor &7%reason%&b." "&7Your report has been rejected by &6%staff%&7." "&7Your report has been resolved by &6%staff%&7." "&7Your report has been accepted by &6%staff%&7."
reporter.view-reports-button: "&9View your reports!"
reporter.view-reports-button-tooltip: "Click to view your reports"
report-created-notification: "&7%reporter% &bhas created a report with reason &7%reason%&b."
report-player-created-notification: "&7%reporter% &bhas reported %culprit% for &7%reason%&b."
report-reopened-notification: "&b%staff% &7reopened report from &6%reporter%"
report-deleted-notification: "&b%staff% &7deleted report from &6%reporter%"
report-accepted-notification: "&b%staff% &7has accepted report from &6%reporter%"
report-closed-notification: "&6%staff% &fchanged report status to &6%status% &fReporter: &6%reporter%"
reports-cleared: "&bReports cleared for &7%culprit%&b!"
# Lines are separated by commas.
reports-list-start: "&7%longline%, &7%target% &bhas &7%reports% &breports."
reports-list-entry: "&b%count%: &7%reason% (%reporter%)"
# Lines are separated by commas.
reports-list-end: "&7%longline%"

Staff currently assigned to the report (only if the report has staff assigned)
Name of the player who created the report
Name of the player that got reported, or "Unknown" if no culprit
Reason for the report
The current status of the report
The reason for closing the report (only on report close messages)
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